Yep, That Was the Day

We all have defining moments in our lives that we can look back on and say, “Yep, that was the day it all changed for me.”

I was prompted to write about “my” day—the point in time where things turned around for me—but as I began, I found it wasn’t that simple. I tend to believe we are who we are because of all the things we’ve seen, done and heard throughout our entire lives though, and to write them all down would take the rest of my life. So, I just hit a few of the high points.


Yep, That Was the Day


Many people have a  point in time

they can look back on and say

that is the moment that defines me

it’s easy for me

I can’t tell you the day or hour

It was December

The place was San Marcos, Texas

And I’d just finished reading a book

          Not a great book, but a good book

          With some really great parts

          That was the day I began writing

          Daily messages of encouragement

          No-doubt the most defining point of my life



Wait a minute

It was before that

It was when I met Sherry

          She came into my life

          At just the right time

          And helped steer me

          In the right direction


But then…

I guess it could have been

Before I met Sherry

Maybe it was that conversation

With Billy Meck

When I was about eleven

          Now that was a turning point

          And went a long way

          Toward making me who I am



No, it was before that

In fact, I can tell you

The exact year




And minute

That most defines

And causes me to be

Who I’ve become

          It was at precisely 11:20 PM

          August 1 1950

          When a beautiful young girl

          Named Wilma (I call her Mom)

          Gave birth to me in Borger, Texas


My Mom raised me

With all the love she had within her

And has stood beside me

Through thick and thin

Good and bad

For over 63 years

          And she continues to “raise me up”

          And love me as unconditionally

          As is humanly possible

                    She defines love

                              She defines me


Yep, that was the day


Copyright © 2013 C Mashburn

Happy birthday, Mom! (Her birthday was actually Saturday, but we’re gonna celebrate every day in November!)

My favorite picture of Mom!

My favorite picture of Mom!



  1. Grace said

    Happy special day to your mother ~ What a lovely tribute to an amazing woman ~

  2. Well conceived, well written and a wonderful birthday gift for your mother Charles. >KB

  3. Truedessa said

    Yep, that was the day..the defining moment when you entered the world
    and started your journey. I enjoyed reading this and as I was reading I
    was thinking of the moments in my life that were turning points. Thanks for the journey.

  4. smiles. we owe much to those mothers (and fathers) and they def keep raising us well beyond the early years…our lives as well are full of turning points…mine was in meeting my wife (at just the right time) as well…

  5. Awww! This is wonderful! 🙂 Very well done! Love the turn to your mom at the end! 🙂

  6. ayala said

    A beautiful tribute to your wonderful mom. 🙂 beautiful .

  7. great write and beautiful tribute to your mother. As you s expertly illustrated, many experiences and people in our lives aid in the resultant person we are but none more so than a parent who loves..for there is where the foundation starts.

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