Okay! I’m Awake Now!

Gonna try it again! Couldn’t get out of College Station yesterday, due to the thunderstorms—mainly those in Dallas—so I’ll try again today. It appears the weather will be more cooperative today. Class reunion, here I come! … I think. In the meantime, here’s another story from those days of yesteryear:

We could go pretty much anywhere we pleased back then, and nobody cared. It seemed to me the desert and hills around Buckeye, Arizona belonged to no one, and we were free to roam as we pleased. We could pick up rocks, arrowheads, firewood, you name it; it was ours if we found it first.

One of the money-making schemes me and my buddy Greg tried, was selling firewood. You wouldn’t think firewood to be a desirable commodity in the dessert, but it does get cold in the winter, and some folks have fireplaces.

On one of our trips, we had a pretty good load on the trailer by evening, so we set up camp. I awoke the next morning with a warm breeze wafting across my face.

It was an odd breeze—off again/on again—and seemed kind of moist. It also seemed entirely too regular. It was almost as though… something large was… breathing on me? My eyes shot open!

Have you ever awakened with a cow’s face two inches from your own? It’s horrifying!

WHAT THE... !!!


Especially, when you have no idea what it is!

I screamed (yes, probably like a little girl), rolled away, and was running full-tilt one direction, as the steer galloped off the other. Greg… was laughing hysterically.

Okay! I’m awake now!



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