How Did This Happen?

I see a lot of people these days with a dazed look on their faces; a look like they’re walking through this crazy world, trying to figure out how this happened. A look like they’re tired of trying to keep up, but know they can’t. There’s a fear in their eyes–a don’t look back kind of fear–like they know the world that passed them by is coming up behind them, and it’s going to roll right over them and send them on into the next one.

It doesn’t have to be that way. We can move through this mixed up world without fear, and it’s as easy as saying that’s what we’re going to do. Some will say, “Oh, sure, that’s easy for you to say”, and my reply will be, “Yes. Yes it is.” I can say I’m not afraid, because as I–more and more–focus on God, the chaos around me dims, and I realize I have nothing to fear.

do not be afraid

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