Back In The Day

I posted a poem this morning about how as a little boy, I dreamed of one day being a hero. I can still recall those daydreams, of being Johnny-on-the-spot when someone was in dire straits and needed a dashing man on a white horse to come galloping up to rescue them.

Back then, in the late fifties and early sixties, we had role models galore when it came to heroes. Just naming some of the first to come to mind, here are a few: Roy Rogers, Super Man, Bat Man, Marshall Dillon, the Lone Ranger, and the list goes on and on.

All the “good guys” back then were heroes because they stood up for what was right, and seemed to always be there when somebody needed them. Their entire life was spent rescuing that damsel in distress, or righting an injustice of one sort or another. It’s no wonder kids from that era idolized those heroes and wanted to be like them. Yes, those guys were definitely part of the “good old days.”

There’s one super hero from that time though, that really makes me chuckle when I think about him/it: Mighty Mouse! I have to laugh when I think about this super-power-endowed mouse zipping around, and as the song went, saving the day. Remember; Here I come to save the Daaaayyy!

But did you know the character was initially created a s a super-powered housefly named, SuperFly? Yep, the creators changed it to a mouse, and the whole thing was a parody of Super Man. Pretty funny stuff!

I’d have to say, though, my favorite was John Wayne. He was more real than some of the super hero characters, and his walk and talk—usually mild-mannered in his speech, and a proud cockiness in his walk—those were, to me as a kid, what made him “the man.”

I remember one of the few times we were allowed to stay up late, was when a John Wayne movie was on TV. We often fell asleep watching the movie, but if we did…. we dreamed dreams of being a hero.


  1. gary said

    I can picture you as Marshall Cogburn, a one eyed fat man.

  2. Sherry said

    We just don’t have those kind of heroes around anymore.

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