The World Cannot Steal Your Joy! ~ September 29

The World Cannot Steal Your Joy!

You have to give it to them

I tell you the truth, you will weep and mourn while the world rejoices. You will grieve but your grief will turn to joy. John 16:20

It seems we have entered into a season where those who believe in and love God are indeed weeping, mourning, and grieving while an evil world rejoices all around us. The whole world seems to have gone mad, and it is increasingly difficult to hold onto our joy, but we must! God says it will turn to joy, and I believe Him!

We have all suffered losses and disappointments in our lives, and sometimes they are devastating and horrible. During those times, there is nothing wrong with a period of mourning, weeping and grief, but the time for those things should not be allowed to go on for very long. After we have allowed ourselves a period of time to grieve, mourn and weep, we should then turn our attention back to loving and praising God. We should gather His joy into our hearts and move on. Life, as they say, goes on, and so should our love for God.

Our weeping and mourning will always turn to joy when we continue to love God and know He loves us. And, that’s the truth!


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