In Dreams

This is part three of the four part series of poems I call Changed. Links to the other three and my other wolf poems are at the bottom of the page. Posting thi to dVerse this afternoon for the Poetics: The Creatures Of Mythology, Folklore and Fairy Tales feature


    Part Three:

        In Dreams


My sleep is tormented and restless

I wake throughout the long night

In dreams I see you run

And I tremble at the sight


A whimpering whine escapes me

As I slip in and out of sleep

In dreams we run together

In night forest, dark and deep


I change sometime in the night

Wolf again becomes man

In dreams you change, as well

We run together hand-in-hand


On a bed of fallen leaves

I hold you close to me

In dreams a whisper “I cannot stay”

Before morning comes, you must leave


I shudder and turn, drift into sleep

‘neath a silent star-filled sky

In dreams my wounded heart weeps

If you go I will surely die


Morning comes, I awake with a start

My body is wet with the dew

Closing my eyes, I beg sleep return

For in dreams, I am ever with you


Copyright © C. Mashburn


 Changed ~ The series


  1. really nice Charles. Poeticizing the transformation process and infusing the notion of dreams and emotional connection is outstanding. love the final line, especially the ever with you-an amazing phrase that can be interpreted very openly. Great piece, thanks for sharing tonight

  2. Chazinator said

    Love song, or a nightmare, I enjoy how much you blended dream and reality to make us question what changes in us over time.

  3. really nice intensity to this charles…the longing to return to those dreams and to run free…werewolf love…well now, that is an interesting concept…the feelings though def transcend that…smiles.

    • This series was very much inspired by Robert McCammon’s books—The Wolf’s Hour, in particular.
      Thanks, Brian!

  4. A torment here, forever changing reaching each other only in dreams. I remember reading this series some time ago Charles, it’s terrific that you got a whole series together I must refresh my memory… lovely if somewhat melancholy this one! 🙂

  5. kkkkaty said

    Quite lovely really, even if it is of a werewolf 😉

  6. claudia said

    there’s such an emotional density to this…also interesting that love makes the narrator become a man again

  7. I really like this. The love of a werewolf, and the dreamy qualities. Great read.

  8. …dreams are good escape to reality for sure… but not forever… we all have our fairy tales on us that deserves to be lived in reality & not alone to self made illusion/s… for a reason your piece reminded me of a quote from the Avatar movie that says: ‘sooner or later… we always have to wake up..’… smiles…

  9. I feel the strong emotion laced throughout…the slipping in and out of forms…I love the probing it stimulates as I wonder who is experiencing these vivid thoughts and dreams…cool…very nice.

  10. An excellent take on the prompt! Of wolf and man…and the way you brought out the sorrow was skillfully done. I imagine that with any creature like a werewolf (or vampire, or any kind of uber-human form) there is a vein of sorrow that is always there. How could there not be, if there is any humanity at all left in the beast? Again, I really enjoyed this. 🙂

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