Give Your Cares Away! ~ September 24

Give Your Cares Away!

And be blessed!

Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted. Matthew 5:4

I’ve always associated mourning with death, and I just thought Jesus was talking about comfort for those people suffering due to the loss of a loved one, but I think maybe it’s more than that. Though Jesus may be talking about comforting those who mourn for a lost loved one, He’s also talking about those among us who are mourning over death of another kind—death of our spirit.

We are all sinners, and if you’re like me, you tend to condemn yourself for your sins. We often grieve and mourn over our shortcomings, even when we know Jesus has taken them upon Himself. The good news is, Jesus is here, and He came to comfort us.

When you’re feeling down, for any reason, know He’s right there beside you. He’s like that friend who sits at your side, knowing your pain, and knowing, too, that the best thing they can do is just be there. The difference is, you can give your cares to Jesus, and He will take them away.

Be blessed!


  1. adopted80 said

    Wow Charlie , you’re speaking my language… How are you doing Charlie? I’ve missed hearing from you.. Blessings my friend..

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