Three: In Dreams

This is part three of the four part series of poems I call Changed. If you missed part one, She Beckons Me Come, and/or part two, Yearning Heart, you can read either or both of them now by clicking on their title. Part four, The Battle, will be posted October 16.

All four are being posted on Gooseberry Garden’s Poetry Picnic.


    Part Three:

        In Dreams


My sleep is tormented and restless

I wake throughout the long night

In dreams I see you run

And I tremble at the sight


A whimpering whine escapes me

As I slip in and out of sleep

In dreams we run together

In night forest, dark and deep


I change sometime in the night

Wolf again becomes man

In dreams you change, as well

We run together hand-in-hand


On a bed of fallen leaves

I hold you close to me

In dreams a whisper “I cannot stay”

Before morning comes, you must leave


I shudder and turn, drift into sleep

‘neath a silent star-filled sky

In dreams my wounded heart weeps

If you go I will surely die


Morning comes, I awake with a start

My body is wet with the dew

Closing my eyes, I beg sleep return

For in dreams, I am ever with you


Copyright © C. Mashburn




  1. Sherry Mashburn said

    powerfully romantic!!!

  2. Thank you, I enjoyed this very much.
    ☮ Siggi in Downeast Maine

  3. Very romantic write…I especially liked:

    “On a bed of fallen leaves
    I hold you close to me
    In dreams a whisper “I cannot stay”
    Before morning comes, you must leave”

    An excellent poem

  4. Becky said

    Good stuff Charles. 🙂
    So sorry it took so long for me to visit, I’ve been ill. But looking forward to reading the others in this series.

  5. Heartbreaking and yet, I feel hope.

  6. terri0729 said

    Another great installment Charlie! Gives me the shivers every time I read one of these!! I love it, lol. Peace and love, Terri

  7. manicddaily said

    Yes, very romantic! It reminds me of a romantic song, gone to the wolf!

  8. Aww I do hope it has a happy ending!
    Very romantic and passionate too.

  9. Jamie said

    You’ve kept the story going well, avoiding any repetition from parts 1 and 2. This has a slower pace to it, more reflective.

    • Thanks for the thought-filled comments, Jamie!
      Next Sunday night: the final chapter, The Battle.

  10. Andy said

    Hello Charles.
    This is so heartbreaking. Not being able to be together completely except in dreams. Looking forward to “The Battle”.

    So vivid & so beautifully penned, my friend.
    Thanks for sharing & for your most gracious comments. I appreciate your visits immensely.

    Woman As My Friend And Lover

    • Thank you for the wonderful comments, Andy. They are always very much appreciated!

  11. robin said

    wow, great story… 😉

  12. This is so beautiful and so sweet…

  13. yes dreams always seem so real and when we dream we are where we want to be and with the person we want to be with well penned

  14. That’s really beautiful!

  15. fabulous flow.

    dynamic imagery.

    Thanks for sharing.

  16. ahhhpoetry said

    Morning comes, I awake with a start
    My body is wet with the dew
    Closing my eyes, I beg sleep return
    For in dreams, I am ever with you

    Isn’t this always the way? Once we wake up, we lose our dreams and no matter how much we want, they aren’t easy to regain.

    Softly romantic…..sigh….

    • Yes! So many times we awake from wonderful dreams, and try as we might, we can never go back to them.
      Thanks for the great comments!

  17. This is so beautiful it tears at my heart and tears fall down my face, that familiar sick sweet pain of loss. Thank you for sharing your writing with me, I enjoy is so much. Also I so appreciate your kind words about my work, I want to compile them and use them to convince an agent to represent me!

    • As for your work, Sherrie, I am of the opinion that you have the talent and material to get published. I wish you well in that regard.
      And, I also thank you for the wonderful comments on this poem. I am so glad you enjoy my writing!

  18. Sad and totally romantic!Triggered the romantic in me.Beautiful piece!Thank you so much for dropping by my place,too.

  19. morning said

    morning comes, you must leave,

    changes and wolf, wow.

    you create a vivid picture here.

  20. love the metaphors on wolves that you often use…

  21. Dennis Go said

    Fascinating and romantic piece!

  22. This is very romantic, love it!

  23. Sheelonee said

    this is a dream journey where the inner world and outer world coalesce into one, come apart, again come together .I Like. 🙂

  24. A very haunted dream, haunted by a melancholy of loss, haunted by wishes that can’t be, and also a hint of nightmare, the haunt of the supernatural, the haunt of how we may feel within our soul about the warring parts of ourself between control and loss control.


  25. I am loving this series … this one is powerful and passionate ~~ looking forward to the next chapter … what will happen? Heartstrings pulled ~~ 🙂

  26. Ankoku Hikaru said

    You, and your words…. Always well written, Keep it up and never stop.

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  28. Seabell said

    The best I read from you… 🙂

  29. elizena said

    My tear ducts are over active again today Charles. This was sad and I wanted to close his eyes and find his love again, even if only in sleep. Awesome! Blessings.

    • Yes, I’m afraid you will find the next two segment quite sad, as well.
      Thank you for reading and commenting!

  30. Another romantic beauty with more to be said…I’m enjoying this series!

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