A Thousand Candles

I read a lot of poetry, some of it extremely good, and some of it just kind of good. None of it is bad, because poetry is like the beauty of one’s lover, in that the beauty will not be seen by all who gaze upon her or him. Poetry—all poetry—is beautiful to someone.

Most poetry, it seems to me, is about love in one way or another; the gaining of it, the experiencing it, and sadly the losing of it. The latter could be compared to country music, I suppose, but then if you change a few words here and there, every poem is a country song just waiting to be sung.

I believe I’m rambling… does it seem like I’m rambling? Why… yes… yes it does.

Enjoy the poem!

A Thousand Candles


Love is like a room full of candles

Each flame plays a special part

When love burns bright and warm

Within two lovers’ hearts


The room is lit so brightly

Flames of love dancing with joy

Lovers smile and laugh like children

On Christmas with a brand new toy


But in this room of a thousand candles

Winds of time can kill the flames

Shadows of doubt cool the fires

Things will never be the same


The wind may be a word spoken in haste

Or something merely taken wrong

The shadow could come from the past

Flames will die if it lingers long


And so they watch as flames flicker and die

And the light in the room grows dim

They struggle to re-light the candles

But they just go out again


One lover alone now in a room dark and cold

Frigid wind blows across aching heart

Wondering when love lost its fire

She sits alone and weeps in the dark


Copyright © 2011 C. Mashburn


Posted in Promising Poets Parking Lot’s Thursday Poets’ Rally Week 58


  1. thingy said

    Whoa. Sad piece.

    • Yep, pretty sad one. Life is sad sometimes.
      Thanks for the visit and comment, thingy!

  2. Sherry Mashburn said

    Nope. Our candles burn with an eternal flame.

    • Okay, that’s not the ones we put in the fireplace, right.
      I tried to upload some pics of the candles into that post, but couldn’t make it happen! I’m computer and candle challenged, I reckon!
      Love you!

  3. I see hope. The fire within can never be doused.

  4. Hey Charles!! 🙂

    I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award.

    Please follow the link for more info:

    http://kweschn.wordpress.com/2011/12/14/versatile-bloggers/ 🙂


  5. it begins, blazing and someone’s left alone, often, well said!
    happy rally!!! 🙂


  6. @nk! said

    Emotional one

  7. ManicDdaily said

    Very sad. Hard to rekindle love. Lovely intro. K.

  8. neha said

    This is beautiful and so sad. I love the way you compared wind to those spoken words that ultimately is responsible for a love to die between two souls,

  9. You hear country music, I hear zydeco music and lyrics. It’s amazing how creative works out. I’am interested in your work no matter the inspiration.

  10. Winds of time can kill the flames
    Shadows of doubt cool the fires

    Ahhh, so true … sad, but nevertheless, nicely written!!

  11. jeannette said

    a great post on lost love….thanks for sharing…

  12. Hema said

    Sad…May the candles thrw some light on her.
    Nice poem.

  13. sometimes we have to remember to put some wood on the fire and to not keep the window open for too long 🙂
    wonderful poem Charles! and the ending is very emotional!

    • Yes, Lilly! We must keep the fires burning every day!
      Thank you for the visit and comments!

  14. Nice 🙂

  15. poetryroad said

    But in this room of a thousand candles

    Winds of time can kill the flames

    Shadows of doubt cool the fires

    Things will never be the same

    Love the sad truth of this stanza in particular. Relationships are tough and they need constant attention or the fire will dim and extinguish! Great write this week. Happy Holidays my friend!

  16. bajanpoet said

    Didn’t expect that ending… I like it ….

    hit me in the gut … reminds me of my last poem “Heartache”

    *shaking off lingering sadness*

    Emotional piece. I love it 😀

  17. I feel this one.

  18. dsnake1 said

    i like the rhyme in this work, very lovely. 🙂

    the words may be a bit sad, but sometimes, that’s life. I like the part about :”The wind may be a word spoken in haste”. so very true.

  19. Bupinder Singh said

    nice poem, so sad but true if misunderstandings linger on.


    • Yes, I believe the key to any relationship is honesty and communication.
      Thank you for the comments!

  20. Morning said

    smart metaphor.

    Thanks for talking about your ideas of good and okay poetry.
    true, hard to give concrete criterion, we offer encouragements in general.

    lovely entry.

    • Encouragement is what y blog is all about, so you’ll get nothing but that from me!
      Thanks for the visit and comments, Morning!

  21. shoelessboywonder said

    Tender piece with a bitter sting. Well done. A very enjoyable read.

  22. Jared A Muscat said

    dig the vividness and rhythm…two of my favorite poetic elements.
    thanks for your comments on my works

  23. mairmusic said

    a plaintive lament, nicely penned.

  24. Andy said

    This is painfully sad & a bitter reality for some, but I believe love is never-ending. It has a way of creeping up on us when we least expect it or even when we think there’s no hope of it.
    Beautifully expressed Charles.
    Thanks for sharing & visiting. Your lovely comment is very much appreciated too.

    For ref:
    Firebrand Of The Heart

  25. Papo said

    i loved the flow, and the ending lines:
    “Frigid wind blows across aching heart

    Wondering when love lost its fire

    She sits alone and weeps in the dark”


  26. Poetry is in the eye of the beholder 🙂 indeed! and this is beautiful poetry, Charles. I love your reflection and your perception of things. ♥ Your title drew me in and already I was anticipating something soft like candlelight and you surprised me with this! So many true statements of love here. and then your last line, wow. it just hit home, especially for me. You have such a way… 🙂

    P.S….I did not know you had a facebook page! I liked it 🙂 maybe you will like mine too? 🙂


    • Thank you for the great comments, Kellie! You get the “made-my-day” button for today!
      As for my FB page, I do not advertise it on my blog, because FB is where I let off steam in the political arena, and I try to keep my blog separated from that side of things. The blog is centered around encouraging my fellow man/woman, and I seldom mention politics on it. I am a staunch conservative–probably rare in the writing world–and when I discuss it, I take no prisoners and make no apologies. So, depending on your point of view, you might not appreciate some of my FB comments and postings. If thaat is the case, I do hope it will not affect our relationship in the writing world.

  27. oh yea, i forgot to tell you, tomorrow FWF has a link system in place! I just hope it works! lol! Thanks Charles 🙂

  28. Love (like Laughter) is contagious.
    and contagion, eventually dies (like Love and Laughter)….what a shame….but true.

    great metaphor here.

    good job.

    • So true, Tink. I often contemplate that falling in love is merely a man-made saying, whereas being in love is something a person must purpose to do. I contend we have to want to love, and we have to want to be good at it. Of course, without going into in depth, I also believe it to be a very spiritual thing, as well.
      Thanks for the great comments!

  29. Flames of Love … WOW! Wonderful done. Love to read this kind of poems in this time of the year. A real Christmas thought.

    Happy Rally!

  30. Kick Out The Jams said

    A beautifully melancholic poem, perfect for a winter’s evening in front of the fire.

  31. ticklyturtle said

    I consider this poem the beginning of the story and my poem the continuation. Well written. Keep it up.


    • You have a valid consideration, T3!
      Thanks for the visit and comment! I hope you enjoy my blog!

  32. Kay Salady said

    Marvelous and melancholy, Charles. xoXox

  33. Enjoyed ” A thousand Candles ”
    So much u said in just few bunch of lines… n thatz the power of poetry !!

  34. scribed in the flickering of a heartbeat

  35. Zoe said

    This really surprised me – the contrast between the warmth and hope, gradually extinguished until the weeping at the end. I hope that she fans that flickering flame. Beautiful write, Charles – I enjoyed it.

    • This happens all too often to couples–even friends–when the excitement wears off, and they settle into their “comfortzone”. You have to want to love, and you have to want to be good at it! That’s my story, and I’m stickin to it!
      Thanks for the wonderful comment, Zoe!

  36. Love this write, wriiten really well, felt completely, Bravo… Thank you, and much appreciated… WS

  37. BTW, I featured this on Poetry Trains, wall on facebook…

  38. I found your poetry about candles and life to be inspiring. Somehow I found it sad but delightful.

    • This comment went to my spam folder, and while it does appear to be an advertisement for candles, the comment appears to be genuine. I’m going to post it.
      But to the candle company I pose a question: Would you like to post my poem on your site?

  39. As always lovely reading your words (though I have been away for a while). Today you made me cry though… *sigh* Dark December and lonely hearts, candles that flicker and die all too easily… Ah, well… Just have to pull myself up by the bootstraps! Thank you, as always, for your beautiful words! You are amazing!

    • Okay, you get the first “made-my-day” button for today, CC! What wonderful comments! You bless me!

  40. magher1 said

    ‘Things will never be the same’… Made me reflect on my past relationships with different people. I enjoyed the comparison. Nice poem!

  41. Jo Bryant said

    A great emotional poem on love – something that is universal to us all

  42. Heaven said

    This is a sad and poignant write…. doubts can kill love, true, but patience and forgiveness can re-ignite it again…that’s me being optimistic ~

  43. I can picture a stadium with lights burning,
    Then comes a sad remembrance,
    And all the lights go out, like love yearning,
    On cue thousands of candles are lit,
    And the dark turns bright as day,
    That’s like love, never quite put away,
    It burns, Charles, waiting to flame again,
    Love waits like a thousand candles,
    Searching for the right moment to begin.

    Even though I loved your poem I couldn’t resist being optimistic. I have been in that room when the candles went out several times. Love does not wrap itself tightly around all lovers. I want to believe that most love candles can’t be put out, like some I’ve seen on birthday cakes.

    • Thank you very much, Dan! I’ve seen you respond to other poems with verse, and I am always amazed at the quality of your off-the-cuff writes! This one is really good, too! And I agree, optimism should be always there when it comes to love. This poem was actually penned (quite clumsily) about 17 years ago. This is a completely re-written version of it. I have loved and lost–most times, mostly my own fault–but I learned a lot in the process. Mostly I learned that we have to keep the candles burning because we want love to be successful. It’s not an emotion that comes and goes, it’s a choice we make and it will only be as good as we make it. Jeesh! There I go rambling on! Gettin down off my soap box now!
      Thanks so much, Dan for the awesome comments!

      • Well I was going to write something like what Dan wrote but not nearly so elegantly, and something like what you concluded here but again, you’ve both said it all. It’s really interesting to read things written from another season in life… I think forgiveness is integral to keeping the flames lit, I know of quite a few stories where the flames appeared dead, and then something changed (or Jesus intervened) and then they were rekindled. :] Haha, well anyway thanks for the thought provoking poem :] xx

      • I know of stories from both sides of this spectrum. I’ve personally seen it happen both ways in fact.
        Glad you were provoked by this one! Ha! See ya again, I hope!

      • not easy or simple is it? :] xx

      • Are you messin with me?? You know I like it simple!
        I think it is simple, too, as long as we keep our focus on God and let Him help us to stay on the path. When us humans try to run things, that’s when it gets complicated and messed up!

      • Too right!! My life’s a lot simpler now that I cut my losses with a guy who didn’t really love me, if I’d listened harder to God it probably would have happened sooner, saved me a lot of heartache ;] Oops, got a bit too deep there! ;] Happy Sunday! :] xx

      • Good! Simple is good, and the right guy will come along!
        Happy Sunday to you, too!

  44. Purvi said

    The last stanza clutched my heart like anything.. 😦
    I am readable at (and all about love ) ~ http://puplumages.wordpress.com/2011/12/17/con-ditions-apply-for-the-conman/

    • I will take a look at your site. I think I’ve seen your poems on the picnics and rallys.
      Thanks so much for the nice comment!

  45. SiNA said

    Charles! I love the whole analogy…it’s simply eloquent and beautiful! wow…isn’t love truly that way…well done 🙂

    • Love can certainly be that way, Sina. That’s why I think we have to want it to be good, and we have to work at it to keep it burning strong.
      Thanks for the wonderful comments!

  46. Bodhirose said

    Oh, this is so often the case. You did a superb job of capturing the sadness of love’s flame extinguished.

  47. Renee said

    Love and poetry do seem to go hand in hand and yours in splendid.

  48. Nel said

    This is a fascinating piece, sir. This struck a chord –

    But in this room of a thousand candles

    Winds of time can kill the flames

    Shadows of doubt cool the fires

    Things will never be the same

    • Those are my favorite lines from this one, too, Nel. I’m glad you enjoyed the poem, and I appreciate your wonderful comments! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  49. Can I just second everyone above? Beautifully written and sadly so true.

    P.s. nothing wrong with the odd ramble 😉

    • Yes you can just second everyone above! And I thank you for the great comment!
      Me! Ramble? Well! I nevah!

  50. Miss Kitten said

    Lovely, Charles. A simple but effective analogy. My solution to the problem is to use those annoying little “magic” birthday candles that never go out no matter how many times one blows on them.

    Don’t be afraid to use technology!

    • Well,you know me, Miss Kitten; I’m all about simple!
      Great idea! Technology; just keep re-booting!
      Thanks for the great comments!

  51. Such an emotional piece…loved it in a sad way….make you sigh…

    And i agree to your starting para about poetry…so true in a way

  52. Kate said

    Sad but beautiful, wonderful read.

  53. It is always something said in the heat of a quarrel that spoils a relationship, I agree, Charles…so, the best thing to do is just to storm out of a quarrel!? Hehheh.
    Seriously, though, this is a poem calling for reflection on the reader’s part.

    • Well, you know what they say, Rosie; If you don’t have anything good to say… storm out of the room! Ha!
      Yes, there is definitely reflection implied in this one.
      Thanks for the visit and comment!

  54. true, beautiful take on love.

  55. What a nice simile to begin with. This poem was beautifully written!

    -Erick Flores

  56. anjum wasim dar said

    True feelings, weeping in the dark no one can see -yet life has hope.

  57. robin said

    Poetry—all poetry—is beautiful to someone. 😉

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