Summer Leaves

Here’s the deal; I’ve been on a roll today—wrote three poems—and the words don’t seem to want to stop. I’m in a zone, and you have to run with it when it’s there. This one also inspired by Catherine Ryan Hyde’s, Funerals For Horses. If you haven’t seen my first one inspired by this novel, take a look at it – Pure Madness.

Summer Leaves


It’s like someone bending over backward

Being nice to you so you’ll like them

When you already like them anyway


Kellie Elmore’s Free Write Friday prompt

To save them the trouble

And it’s like they know

And you know they know

And they know you know they know

But the game still needs to go on

Because there’s no point arguing

With someone who’s being nice to you


Or like when you’re tapping your foot

A nervous habit

You swear you don’t have

And you stop doing it for a moment

So they’ll see it doesn’t mean anything

Then you stare out the window

Like there’s something out there

That does matter

And without looking at them, you say

We won’t always be together, you know

And just like that… summer turns to fall


Copyright © C Mashburn


I seldom post more than one story or poem a day, but I wrote this one earlier this morning, and Kellie Elmore’s Free Write Friday hit it right on the head, so there ya go.


  1. Sherry Mashburn said

    ooh . . .

  2. Heidi Barnes said

    Or winter…depending on the situation. 🙂 I think it’s something in the air because I’ve done a blog, FWF and my mind is turning with A&D. Or it could be the fact I’ve only had coffee and m&m’s this today. 😉 Keep the roll going.

  3. xxkultuur said

    A great analogy for the seasons of our lives…

  4. wow Charles this is fantastic. I absolutely loved it. The images of those tendencies, the peculiar things we do, and then looking out there “for something that DOES matter” and the end a pleasant, pleasant surprise. A pleasure to read. I’m a fan.

  5. Summer is like a fleeting romance, isn’t it?

  6. Love how you personified the seasons and made them speak! Lovely piece as always, Charles. So happy to hear you are on a roll. I love when that happens, although my muse is off somewhere lollygaggin without me today…well, for a few days now. lol

  7. Mark said

    Great write Charles, keep rolling it is a good thing! Loved the lines > ‘Like there’s something out there~That does matter’ It made me pause cause I so believe that in my life even when I do not know what it is. Wishing you a great summer!

  8. Perfection Charles — hit me in the gut it did! Especially this:

    And without looking at them, you say

    We won’t always be together, you know

    And just like that… summer turns to fall

    I really needed your words today — thank you!

  9. Stephanie said

    I feel like I was in denial reading this one. A good thing…evocative and simple. Really great Charles!!

  10. Oh wow Charles this is amazing, the attention to details, the body language you have really captured it. Your work has an amazing charm as well

  11. Old Grizz said

    simple…flowing…like a summer’s meandering stream that makes you feel good because it is.

  12. Just when the romance is at its steamiest goodbye knocks on the door. Love it!

  13. LaTonya said

    Perfect title. Enjoyed.

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