Just A Little Tantrum!

Mother Nature threw one of her little tantrums here yesterday afternoon; two inches of rain in about thirty minutes, and much of

30 minutes worth!

30 minutes worth!

the time it was coming sideways! I always wonder how the rain gauge catches the rain when it’s going sideways.

I also wonder how the lawn furniture on the patio stays in its place when the wind blows like that. Some of it is very light, and it seems as though it ought to wind up in the neighbor’s yard. I reckon all that walking around the yard, praying over our stuff, Mom does is working!

All things considered, the rain is always welcome, and when it comes to these sudden summer storms, no damage is an added bonus. Ray mowed the yard Wednesday, so it looks like a million bucks after the rain. Of course, the rain means we’ll have to mow again real soon.

Which reminds me of the time when we were living in Spicewood, Texas. I was watering the lawn one morning, and Wes (my youngest son, who was living with us at the time) came out and stood watching me move the sprinkler to a dry spot.

“Whatcha doin?” he asked.

“Watering the lawn.”

“How come?”

Eyebrow raised. “So it’ll grow, Wes.”

Returned eyebrow raise. “Then we just gotta mow it.”

I could write a book on the things Wes has said over the years; like, “What happened to lunch?” But he’s probably a better writer than I am, so I’m waiting to see if he’ll do it himself. ( You can read about the “lunch” comment by clicking on this link “I Got A Million Wes Stories”.)



  1. We’ve been getting pelted with rain lately, too. (And I cut the grass today because, as you noted, it’s been growing!)

    Thanks for dropping by my site recently. Glad to have you visit!

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