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crepes 8-6-2016 quote

I believe loving God leads to eternal life with Him, but I also believe loving Him is the key to happiness. I also believe when we make loving God our first priority we unlock a treasure chest of knowledge and understanding that is full of wonders.

When we love God, He opens the door to our soul and fills us with His love—an unconditional love that grows as we return the same kind of love to Him. And as the love between us and God grows and matures, it spills over to those around us—our family, our friends and even strangers.

When we spend a few moments at the beginning of each day resolving to make loving God your first priority, I believe we will begin to know God’s love and His will for our lives in a new and exciting way.

Whoever does not love, does not know God, because God is love. 1 John 4:8



  1. Such comforting words, Charles. Always enjoy reading your posts but do not always comment. Some words hit home more than others 🙂 BTW Featured you on Awakenings today…four years to the day when you posted We Used to Have Heroes. Really sad not much has changed. In your own words…

    I think back on those days of yesteryear
    Days when this country stood strong and proud
    And I see her slowly succumbing to darkness
    With no heroes to swoop to her rescue

    I stare at the floor… and silently, I weep

    We still live in a great country. I love America! Unfortunately, too many want to void God out of the American way of life. We must stand up for our beliefs else the minorities will soon become the majority.

    • Well, that explains the sudden interest in my book. I appreciate you featuring me, and I also appreciate you dropping by and saying a few words. I started working on a new book this year, but got sidetracked with home repairs due to a flood we had in May. I’m almost caught up though, and should finish the book this fall. It’s a childhood biography (slightly embellished, of course). As for our once great country, I fear it’s gotten worse, and we are indeed outnumbered. When people (I refer to them as “otherwise intelligent”) choose a man like Donald Trump to be the hero we so badly need, I am disheartened beyond belief. All we can do is know that God is in charge, and good will triumph in the end.
      Thank you again for the visit and the feature on Awakenings.

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