When Does Weird Cross the Line?

I know this will sound strange—especially since it’s coming from me—but when does weird cross the line?

A few months ago, I was walking the dog, pretty much minding my own business, and here comes this kid walking down the sidewalk toward me… pulling a shoe. Yep. This young fella was probably ten or eleven years old—normal-looking, nice-looking young man—and he had a rope tied to a shoe, and he was dragging the shoe along behind him. The shoe was flopping and bouncing around, and it was, to say the least, a comical sight.

I smiled at him and said, as if I saw such sights every day, “Walkin’ your shoe?”

“Yep,” was all the answer I received; no smile; no look of don’t-be-a-smart-ass-old-man; just yep, and he walked on by.

I had to laugh, as myriad thoughts went through my mind, trying to figure what the boy was up to. It was, after all, something I might have done when I was his age. Hell I might’ve even done it now, if I’d thought of it first.

Anyway, I forgot about it—didn’t even remember to tell Sherry—and probably would have never given it another thought. If… I hadn’t seen him again.

Sure enough, I was walking the dog again about a month ago, and here comes the same kid, pulling, what I assume was, the same shoe. He paid no attention to me this time, and I asked no questions. I did, however, turn and watch him go on down the sidewalk, the shoe bouncing—quite happily, I thought—along behind him.

That’s when the question hit me: when does weird cross the line into – perhaps-someone-should-call-the-authorities?

I haven’t seen the kid since–or… at least if I did, he didn’t have the shoe with him.

Read Part two —> Walk A Mile With My Shoe

Read Part three —> Bring it, Scuff Boy!


  1. Ha! I love it! Maybe that is his pet! 🙂

    • Thank you, Jessica! You should stop by tomorrow and read the follow up to this one, Walk A Mile With My Shoe. Tody’s story is true, tomorrows is right out of this old blogster’s vivid imagination. Come back and read it if you have time.
      I appreciate you reading and commenting on this one!

  2. Maybe he would REALLY like to have a dog, but he’s making the best of what he’s got? ;] haha Wonderful. I admire this kid. And in answer to the question… i think only dangerous weird needs reporting right? I mean whom are we to say that walking your shoe is weird… really… just because it’s not commonly done… there are things that ARE commonly done which are not nice but we accept them just because they are usual… I spent a few weeks trying to be normal when I was about 15 and it made me feel much more mentally unwell than when I was just being my usual crazy self… ;] xx

    • Hey! I was kidding about calling the authorities! If they locked up weird, I’d be done for! And, like I said in the story, he beat me to it. If I’d thought of it first, I’d probably have done it just to see the looks on people’s faces! Got to get my writing ideas somewhere, right? Why did you do that–try to be normal–I know for a fact it can really mess a person up! Glad you came to your… uh… senses?
      I really appreciate your visit and comments. Great fun! Stop by again, please, Catie Eliza!

      • :] I think I tried to be normal because when you’re 15 it seems like it’s really important to fit in, and I really didn’t… i thought life might be easier for everyone that way, but… it wasn’t… hahah :] I seem to need to stop by pretty much every day now… gotta find out what happened with the shoe!!! :] xx

      • The shoe got about a hundred yards down the street this afternoon. I’ll be posting the lates bit tomorrow. But here’s the thing, Catie: I’m starting to think this shoe saga might take a little time to play out. The darn thing snuck out of the house this afternoon, when I thought it was in the Lazy Boy watching Springer. Wouldn’t have been quite so bad–it didn’t go far–but it left the front door standing wide open!
        Normal…. huh… an interesting concept

  3. dale said

    I think his shoe pet died !!!

    • No, Dale! It’s alive, I’m tellin ya! You got to read the story I’m posting in the morning. There’s a lot more to this kid and his shoe than meets the eye!
      Hey! Did you see the message that I’m coming out ther in Sptember? 15-18. Sure hope we git to visit with ya fer a spell!

  4. dale said

    Did u w right about this befor ? Sound familery! I guess I missed the one ur talken about. Would love to see ya ! Might even would have time for some golfen and fishen, but if not would still be great to see ya !

    • Yep. This is a re-run. I re-posted it because the one tomorrow is a follow up to it.
      I’ll get hold of you bout a week before we head your way, and we can see what we can get into.

  5. dale said

    Not sure my last coment got to ya ????

  6. Usha Dawn said

    That’s a touching one…look forward to the rest of it 🙂
    Keep writing

    • Thank you! I appreciate the visit and comments. This story will take a bit of a turn tomorrow. I hope you enjoy it!

  7. dale said

    KOOL !!!!!

  8. It was in the morning,
    Abouthalf past ten,
    I saw him once,
    Didn’t see him again,
    He was pulling a shoe,
    Right down the street,
    But he had two shoes,
    On his feet,
    Suppose he was tracking,
    That missing shoe,
    And the one he was pulling,
    Knew what to do,
    Two shoes can find each other,
    I’ve heard it stated,
    It’s just like true love,
    Together they’re fated,
    I often wonder,
    Where he went,
    That shoe he was searching,
    The time he spent,
    I’ll just say Charles,
    That’s quite a tale,
    I hope the second part,
    Is strange as well.

    Sorry, Charles. I enjoyed the story too much.

    • That is wonderful, Dan! You pulled that off like a well-worn shoe! I think you will like the second part of the tale, too!

  9. Does he clean up after his shoe?

    • I’ve yet to witness the shoe do anything that would require cleaning up. I’m trying to imagine what …. no…. nope… I’m shelving that line of thought. Dropping, maybe a better term than shelving. Maybe we’ll pick it up later.
      Thanks for the read and moving comment, Madeleine!

  10. A comical sight indeed! Made me wonder if he was chasing kids down for trophies…seems harmless !! LOL!
    A fun read 🙂

    • It was indeed comical, Susan, and this part of the story is true, almost word for word. From this point on it will be straight from the mindslinger’s imagination.
      Thanks for the visit and compliment!

  11. tigerbrite said

    I didn’t think it comical. I thought it sad. Maybe the child had a dog that died or maybe he was not allowed to have a dog and used his imagination that the shoe was the dog he always wanted. If it was neither of these then the child was 6 pence short of a half crown.

    • Well… we don’t have ANY pences or crowns in Texas, so it can’t be that. I guess he could be trying to convince his parents they ought to get him a dog. Even so, it seems comical to me. It’s not everyday you see a boy dragging a shoe around with a rope. iN fact, I’m sure this is the ONLY time I’ve ever seen such a thing. Yep, I still have to vote for comical.
      Thanks for the visit and thought provoking comments!

  12. tigerbrite said

    There are no pences or crowns left anywhere now, more is the pity. Greetings from little England

    • Hahaha. I was playing with you. I hope you knew that! So glad you visited and commented again! Howdy from BIG Texas!

  13. […] are stories about the kid and his shoe! Click here for the first one “When Does Weird Cross the Line”, then click the links at the bottom of that story to see the […]

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